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Students meet Paralympic hero!

Jamie F, Year 11, writes:


On Monday we went to Cambridge Regional College to see Louis Rolfe because he won two medals in the Paralympics in Rio.


Louis Rolfe


Louis won a bronze medal and a gold medal for cycling. Louis is 19 years old who was born with a disability called Cerebral Palsy.  This means he is weak on one side of his body.


Louis is a student at Cambridge Regional College. He said that he had a lot of support from the college as they let him go to his races and train for the Paralympics. The College wanted to celebrate Louis' success so they renamed the sports centre the Louis Rolfe Sports Centre .


All the students gathered outside and clapped and cheered for Louis. The Catering staff made a massive cake with a cycling helmet on the top.


Louis Rolfe 2


Louis made a speech when he opened the Sports Centre – he said that he had achieved his medals through hard work and determination.


We got to meet Louis and he let us wear his medals and we had our photo taken wearing them. This made me feel very happy to see Louis so proud of himself for what he has achieved.



I realised that I was at school with Louis and his sister at Fen Ditton Primary School. I was surprised that the little boy I knew at school had gone on to win medals for his Country in sports.


Jamie Farrington 27.9.16

Students doing their bit for the Cottenham community!

Croxy, Dylan and myself cleared the alleyway in Cottenham.   There was weeds, stinging nettles and bushes blocking the path.  The path is used by the Primary school children on their way to school.  
We worked really hard clearing the weeds and a kind lady came out and made us a cup of tea and gave us a kikkat!  A few people walked past and said what a great job we were doing. 
We eventually finished the work and the alleyway looked great, and it meant that the children would not get stung anymore.  
Both Dylan and myself were given 25 house points for our hard work.
Jake B

Success for our Leavers!

Students leaving us in July 2016 have had considerable success!


Five students achieved GCSE passes in Maths, English and Science. One GCSE pass in PE was also achieved.


All Year 11/12 students left with Functional Skills qualifications in Maths and English at Entry Level 1 all the way to Level 2!


Eleven of the leavers gained an Entry Level qualification in Science, and two in History.


Six students gained a BTEC Level 1 qualification in Construction.


Four students gained a BTEC Level 1 qualification in Sport.


In addition, students work on the Qualification in Progression units. These are small units at Entry Level or Level 1 which all add up to a recognised qualification by the time the students leave school.


The final result can be a either an Award, a Certificate, or a Diploma.


Nine students achieved an Award.


Six students went a step further and achieved a Certificate.


Three students aimed high and achieved a Diploma.


Our Leavers have gone on to further education at Cambridge Regional College, Huntingdon Regional College, Peterborough Regional College, Boston College, West Suffolk College and Shuttleworth College.


One student has gone onto further employment training, and two have gone straight into jobs.


Well done everybody!!








Amazing Battlefields Trip!

The July Battlefields trip was an amazing experience for all of us. It was the first three-day tour, and the extra day gave us chance to reflect more on the places and stories we were experiencing. The students were a wonderful group to travel with, and we were very proud of them.

There are lots of photos and information on the school Facebook page, and our Twitter account!


You can reach the Twitter account from our website homepage, and search for The Centre School on Facebook!








2016 736JPG



Jumble Sale success!

We are feeling the financial pinch a bit these days; to make sure there was a bit of money for special activities, Georgie decided to hold a Jumble Sale at school.

It took a while to get everything together, and Georgie had bags and boxes of jumble stashed in cupboards and corners all over school.

Soon the big day came! A number of students had volunteered to help, and so staff went out to ick them up them and we set up the Centre with the huge amount of jumble that Georgie had collected. 

Jumble 1JPG


Jumble 2JPG

 We had a raffle, a tombola, a book stall, toy stall, shoes and clothes; many of Georgie's family and friends came to help sell it all!

Jumble 3JPG

 Customers were turning up long before the opening time of 1pm - luckily we were ready and we opened for business!

Jumble 5JPG

 One of the biggest successes of the day was Triple J's cafe - Jamie, Jade and Fyn worked hard all day to bring hot drinks and lovely cake to our customers.

Jumble 6JPG


Jumble 7JPG

 Says it all! The final total, including money for the unsold items which we sold on to another charity, was about £600. Amazing result!

Thanks to everybody who worked so hard.

Jumble 8JPG


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